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CARGOS 760-740

The CARGOS 700 forage transport wagon.

The CARGOS 700 is available with load volumes of 48.5, 42.5 and 36.5 m3.

CARGOS 760-740

The CARGOS 700 forage transport wagon.

The CARGOS 700 is available with load volumes of 48.5, 42.5 and 36.5 m3.

The transport wagon.


The front side.

Modern design combined with functionality: the partially perforated front grille allows a clear view of the wagon interior. It has been designed in line with the principle “as much as necessary, and as little as possible”, to ensure that the crop can slide over the remaining flat surfaces.

Maximum load volume combined with superior manoeuvrability.

With the front grille angled at 30° and the body tapering towards the rear, all models offer a maximum load volume. This results in very short wagons that deliver an impressive level of manoeuvrability.

To further increase the load volume, additional platform gate extensions are available for all three models, just as in the CARGOS 9000.


The body.

The 300-mm-high C-profile and the stable floor in the CARGOS 700 models ensure maximum stability. As a result, all models are approved for wood chip transport. This gives the CARGOS an unrivalled level of reliability, both on long road trips and over rough terrain.


The scraper floor.

The steel floor is hot-dip galvanised and therefore corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. The four solid flat conveying chains have a high breaking load. The sprockets that engage with the flat conveying chains in the deflection area ensure reliable crop guidance. At the same time, the chains are cleaned of wood chips or any other crop residue during the deflection process. This reliably prevents any crop materials from becoming jammed in the chains.


Chain tensioning.

Scraper floor chains only work reliably with low wear if they are perfectly tensioned. Easy access to the scraper floor chains means they can be conveniently tensioned at any time.


The drawbar.

The slimline drawbar permits very wide steering angles. The jack is integrated into the drawbar for added protection and simply folds down for unhitching.


Metering roller module with drive train.

The two open metering rollers are designed to achieve maximum throughput, while the sturdy tines arranged in a helix formation ensure that the crop is evenly distributed on the clamp. The drive operates via a single wide-angle drive shaft.


Removal of metering rollers.

If necessary, the metering roller module can be removed in no time to increase the discharge speed. The gaps can be closed with optional side panels.

Removal reduces the weight by approximately 500 kg. It also increases the load volume, for example for wood chip or maize transport.

The special articulating drawbar.

By lowering the hydraulic articulating drawbar, the target surface area is expanded for the driver when chopping in a forwards direction. Drivers can easily direct the crop into the wagon and it ends up where it belongs – not just when driving straight ahead, but also when cornering.

Faster discharging.

Raising the drawbar speeds up the discharge process significantly. The loaded material is immediately tipped backwards, and residue is conveyed faster from the wagon. In addition, features such as the tapered design and the scraper floor driven on both sides, together with the option of two discharge speeds, all facilitate rapid unloading at the clamp.

Further benefits.

Both hitching and unhitching are easier, because the drawbar can be set to the correct height at the push of a button.

If necessary, traction can also be increased, thereby reducing slip, since the wagon wheels move closer to the rear of the tractor when the articulating drawbar is raised.

Thanks to the generously dimensioned drawbar lift rams, the hydraulic articulating drawbar can securely lift the wagon upwards, even when fully loaded. In addition, the optional drawbar suspension via two accumulators can provide optimum ride comfort for road journeys at any time.

Load securing for the forage transport wagon.

A double-sided loading bay cover is available as an option for all CARGOS 700 models, regardless of whether they come with comfort or standard hydraulics. The cover can be operated from the comfort of the cab using the control terminal (or the dual-acting spool valve in the standard version). Your loads will be reliably protected in the blink of an eye.