Makes more of your maize.

We have completely revised our proven CONSPEED maize pickers and are pleased to present the CORIO CONSPEED, our new top-of-the-range model from the CORIO series.


Makes more of your maize.

We have completely revised our proven CONSPEED maize pickers and are pleased to present the CORIO CONSPEED, our new top-of-the-range model from the CORIO series.


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The new CORIO and CORIO CONSPEED maize pickers are equipped with established technologies as well as unique new features.

The highlights at a glance:

  • 17° operating angle to prevent cob losses
  • Straight (CORIO) and conical snapping rollers (CORIO CONSPEED)
  • New, robust drive train in all CORIO models
  • New hood shape for more gentle crop handling
  • Unique folding system to move hoods into transport position
  • Feeder chain is easy to change and tension
  • Replaceable wear parts integrated in hoods
  • CORIO CONSPEED maize picker as 12, 8 and 6-row unit
  • CORIO maize picker as 8, 6, 5 and 4-row unit
  • Row widths of 90, 80, 75 and 70 cm
  • Field of use.

    The CORIO CONSPEED and CORIO model series are the right maize pickers for harvesting grain maize or corn cob mix. Whether working in high-yield crops or very dry maize stems, the CORIO CONSPEED and CORIO maize pickers ensure a clean, effective picking process, from the LEXION to the AVERO.

    Thanks to the new folding mechanism for the hood tips, the length of the CORIO and CORIO CONSPEED models can be reduced by almost 80 cm for road transport. This makes for safe road travel, even when negotiating junctions and field exits where visibility is restricted.

  • Functional principle.

    The hoods ensure that the maize stalks are fed evenly and gently into the snapping rollers. The stalks are captured by the rollers and pulled downwards. At the same time, snapping plates separate the maize cobs cleanly from the stalks.

    Horizontal choppers operating at a constant speed chop up the maize stalks which have been pulled down. The intake auger then transports the maize cobs to the feeder housing.

    The central elements of the CORIO CONSPEED and CORIO maize pickers are the snapping rollers which also embody the main difference between the two models.

    • CORIO CONSPEED: conical snapping rollers
    • CORIO: straight snapping rollers
  • Technology.
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    • Efficient, free-running drive for all CORIO CONSPEED and CORIO models
    • Quick and easy speed adjustment by changing the combination of gears
    • Spiral intakes on the snapping rollers improve stalk intake
    • Mechanically or hydraulically adjustable snapping plates allow the cobs to be separated cleanly
    • Each snapping gear unit is individually protected against overload and foreign objects
    • The drives for the snapping rollers and knives are integrated in the robust gear housing
    • Available in rigid or folding versions
    • AUTO PILOT and AUTO CONTOUR optionally available for all models
    • The horizontal chopper captures plants along the entire length of the picker opening.
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17° operating angle.

At 17° the CORIO CONSPEED and CORIO models have the flattest operating angle in the market.

  • The operating angle has been reduced by approximately 10%
  • Reduction in cob losses, especially those resulting from "cob jump-off"
  • In laid maize in particular, the flat angle and the new hood shape help make for blockage-free operation
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Top form.

The front section of the hoods has been given a new and unique shape. Furthermore, the characteristics of the surface have been improved.

  • Even more gentle crop handling thanks to the optimised shape of the hoods
  • The flanks of the hoods have been designed in such a way that maize stalk capture is delayed and takes place at a more flexible point in order to avoid cob losses
  • Improved performance in lodged maize
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Horizontal chopper.

Each picking unit is equipped with a horizontal chopper integrated in the transmission unit. The position of the chopper knives enables precise chopping of the rest of the plant throughout the entire picking process.

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Precise chopping.

The precise chopping encourages the rotting of the crop residues and helps create a consistent seedbed for the following crop.

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Maintenance position.

A new concept for opening the hoods provides quick and easy access for maintenance or cleaning. Only a few simple steps are required to put a hood into the maintenance position without tools.

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New folding mechanism.

A new design allows the hoods to be folded easily into a compact transport position. As well as being easy to use, the new arrangement makes for better visibility during on-road travel as it allows the front attachment to be shortened by 80 cm.

Operating principle of conical rollers.

The key characteristic of the conical snapping rollers is that the speed with which each maize plant is pulled through the rollers rises as the diameter of the roller increases. In this way, even at higher ground speeds, the plant is drawn in gently at first and then more quickly. This means that it is possible to avoid cob losses as well as unnecessary plant residues in the machine resulting from the plants being broken off.

Front attachments

Rubber cob retainer.

All models are equipped as standard with small rubber cob retainers to prevent the cobs from falling out. A large rubber cob retainer is available as an option to enable loss-free harvesting in tall crops too. Fitting and removal can be performed by means of a quick mounting system on each hood.

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Integrated wear parts.

Replaceable wear parts are integrated on the right and left sides of the hoods. When worn, the individual parts can be replaced instead of the entire hood.

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Sunflower kit.

Simply turning round the feeder chain is all that is required to switch over quickly for sunflower harvesting. In addition, rigid knives are fitted on the snapping plates along with side hood extensions and a raised rear wall panel.

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Snapping plate adjustment.

Depending on the model, a mechanical or hydraulic snapping plate adjustment system is fitted as standard. The hydraulic variant, which allows convenient adjustment from the operator's seat, can also be added as an option.